The Civil Wars: Covers and Demos…just the way I like it

The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars were recommended to me recently and I like them.  Male/Female duo singing acoustic-ish folk-ish tunes, I mean why wouldn’t I like them.  Well my buddy Laura recommended them with a side note of a video cover they had of the Smashing Pumpkins song “Disarm”.  This intrigued me as I loved that song “back in the day” and while many people might have discovered it and gone back to listen – I heard it when it came out and it blew me away.  Sure I was younger and not as refined in my mellow music days, but this is one of the songs that started the push to the mellow side….that and getting older…but I digress.

Watch this great video from the Paste Studios – the song starts around 30 seconds in:


The new album “Barton Hollow” by the Civil Wars is still just starting to grow on me but they are also nice enough to offer up a great live set for any of you on the fence about getting into the band.  To my surprise (or not to my surprise) I found a demo for the song “Falling” that is incredible and I have been listening to it for the last few days since I downloaded the full free set HERE.  Listen below:

“Falling (demo) [Bonus Track]” – The Civil Wars, Live at Eddie’s Attic

Visit The Civil Wars on their website for more info: The Civil Wars.