Lower Peninsula to release Frontier Ruckus 2xLP for Deadmalls & Nightfalls!

Frontier Ruckus are planning a double vinyl release of their most recent album Deadmalls & Nightfalls on Lower Peninsula Records.  And we need you on board here!

Similar to the Ruckus’ previous release “The Orion Songbook”, they are releasing an amendment to the actual album in the double LP.  There is a ‘4th side’ included here once again with essentially another EP of goodies for the release.  So those in the know and purchasers will see it as Deadmalls & Nightfalls / Way Upstate and the Crippled Summer pt. 2 – (with part 1 being the 4th side of The Orion Songbook double vinyl…make sense?).

First off, lets get the track list out there.

Side 1
1. Nerves of the Nightmind
2. Ontario
3. Springterror
4. Ringbearer

Side 2
5. Silverfishes
6. The Upper Room
7. Does Me In
8. The Tower

Side 3
9. Pontiac, the Nightbrink
10. How Could I Abandon?
11. I Do Need Saving
12. Pour Your Nighteyes

Side 4
1. Mona and Emmy
2. Winter and the Preacher’s Daughter
3. Weeds and Life Among Them
4. Ogallala
5. Epiphanies and Revelations

So as you can see, the side 4 is the bonus EP of new (well, officially new) material and it is currently available for a pre-order (HERE).  For those that pre-order you will receive the first two tracks of this bonus side with the pre-order.  Take a listen to Mona and Emmy below:
Mona and Emmy by Lower Peninsula Records

Now watch the song courtesy of the good folks at Love Drunk!

Frontier Ruckus: Mona and Emmy from Love Drunk on Vimeo.

The second track made available to pre-orders is ‘Winter and the Preacher’s Daughter’ and is currently a favourite – the wane of the pedal/lap steel is amazing and really brings in a more country vs. folk influence to the track.  Outstanding!

Another great thing about this soon to be beautiful gate-fold packaging is the full color printed sleeves that will contribute to the total of 8 square feet of artwork, most of which will be exclusive to this release.  I have the previous double vinyl myself and it is a fantastic package, so if this one is seemingly building on that one – I cannot wait to receive my copy!

Pre-order on Lower Peninsula Records by visiting them HERE. (you can also get The Orion Songbook double LP as well while you are there…why not!)
Visit Frontier Ruckus to order the original album HERE.