Monday Listening: Fisticuffs

Fisticuffs by Emily

Fisticuffs (or Jordan Kurtz) of Saskatoon is new but not ‘new’ to me.  You see, I am a fan of fellow prairie folkster Zachary Lucky and these two seem to be thick as thieves.  So I keep seeing Lucky’s twitter feed calling out this “@heyfisticuffs” and then after getting back into a favourite Shot At The Dark video session with Calgary artist Benjamin Bullock, who was the very next video?  Well, it was Mr. Fisticuffs himself – I watched and listened and then slapped myself full across the face for not listening sooner.  That story is completely true…except for the violence.

So this brings me to the Fisticuffs – I picked up his 2010 EP ‘The Wheat Weather’ over the weekend and started listening – right up my alley I have to say.  A bit of lo-fi indie dream folk (because I can’t fit anymore genres in one sentence…I’m terrible at that stuff) and essentially a more acoustic release.  The EP is 6 tracks total with my current favourite being the ‘recorded in the distance’ track Bellows – solo acoustic, echoing vocals, haunting piano strikes and overall just great stuff.  Turns out my boy Zach Lucky even played some guitar and banjo on the release.  I guess it makes sense that the two of them are touring together with some dates still coming up (see Lucky’s MySpace page for dates).

So let’s take a look at that video from Shot At The Dark (love those guys) that started it all along with a couple of embeds from the EP, The Wheat Weather:

SHOT AT THE DARK – Fisticuffs from Shot at The Dark on Vimeo.



There you have it, my new find, is your new find for this Music Monday.  Please swing by and visit Fisticuffs on his Facebook Page, Bandcamp Page ( <— purchase and sample 3 free downloads) and even his MySpace Page.