Site to ‘Watch’: Welcome To The West with The Sumner Bros. & The Head and the Heart!

Welcome to the West logo

Thought I would point you all in the direction of fellow Calgarians ‘Welcome to the West‘ today.  I am doing this today of all days due to two fantastic videos they have had on their site recently.  In all honestly I was just going to post the ‘pool party post folk fest’ video, but then saw a nice new Sumner Brothers video and I can’t ignore that!

Welcome to the West focuses on just that, the West of Canada’s music scene – not necessarily Canadian content exclusively, but they do show off that talent often as well.  The video below for The Head and the Heart was filmed after the Calgary Folk Fest just this last weekend in the stairwell of the Westin Calgary and it turned out fantastic – the acoustics of the acoustics came out quite well…you could say.  Watch it now:

the Head and the Heart – Winter Song from Welcome To The West on Vimeo.

Now this morning I went to grab the above video and noticed a new video from Vancouver’s The Sumner Brothers…can’t resist! The ever touring brothers are on the road promoting their upcoming album “I Love You, Smile” which I am eagerly anticipating. Check out the crazy Kimball Organ in the video as well…

The Sumner Brothers – Lose Your Mind from Welcome To The West on Vimeo.


So there you have it, visit Welcome to the West on their website here.  Check out their archives here.
Visit The Head and the Heart here.
Visit The Sumner Brothers here.


p.s.  check out the logo design for WttW from Charles Roberts here.