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Blogger Round up: HearYa, Mostly Midwest, You Crazy Dreamers & Herohill

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I thought today I would do a bit of a blogger round up of for ‘items of note’ that I have noticed, and you should as well.  Well, enough about me…let’s send you other places than Slowcoustic!

  • Did y’all see the Wilderness of Manitoba did a HearYa Session?  Well they did, and its available for your waiting ears right here.  Sample:

    The Wilderness of Manitoba – Hermit from HearYa.com on Vimeo.
  • My good friends over at Mostly Midwest did me another solid and put up even more videos of Chris Bathgate.  Damn, there are lots of vids to choose from from MM, so dig into the most recent pair of acoustic performances from Bathgate right here.  Sample # 1:

    Chris Bathgate : Farm Block Session Pt. 2 from Mostly Midwest on Vimeo.
  • Martin (or Geordie as he blogs as) at You Crazy Dreamers put up a nice post on Red Heart the Ticker’s new album along with a mp3 from it!  Check out the post on some great old school folk right here.
  • The East representing the West over on Herohill as they cover Calgary sweetheart and soon to be music staple Samantha Savage Smith’s new album.  Swing by and check out a track and their take on ‘what’s next’ in Canadian music right here.  Sample a track below:
    Samantha Savage Smith – “You Always Come to Mind” (mp3)

Enjoy your Friday with good music and the great bloggers above!