Sunday Beauties: Haruko, Tiny Ruins and Honey Watts

*picture of artwork from here.

This Sunday I thought we should have some ‘beauties’ in the form of 3 ladies who emanate music soo soothing, stunning and Sunday morning French press worthy that is almost ridiculous.

As far as I know they are not connected in any way, Tiny Ruins and Haruko have been on Slowcoustic previously but I think this is Honey Watts first appearance.  Haruko starts your journey at your grass roots traditional folk vibe and then you move to Tiny Ruins’ more modern singer songwriter aspects and she is, in turn, your gateway artist to the ethereal Honey Watts.  Some might think that journey can be taken forwards or backwards…but as long as you take it, it will be worth the trip.

So let’s listen to some of the best female voices in folk this year:

The Haruko track above was originally on her “Wild Geese” album and the Tiny Ruins song is actually called ‘Old as the Hills’.  All albums came out this year and they are something I gotta give more attention to…

Visit their Bandcamp Pages:  Haruko | Tiny Ruins | Honey Watts