Video Thursday: William Elliott Whitmore & Dolorean

I think the title of the post precludes what is happening on this post.  So let’s get on with it.

Brand new video for Dolorean’s “Black Hills Gold” premiered yesterday on IFC.  There is a whole backstory with the video in a way mirroring the life of Dennis Wilson (of the Beach Boys).  Check it out below.

Next we have William Elliott Whitmore’s homage to the American Farm worker and title track to his latest album ‘Field Songs’.  I actually didn’t know this official video even existed until I saw it over on Common Folk Music yesterday (see here).  It even put me over the edge and I finally ordered the vinyl (and t-shirt) from the WEW online store.  Well worth it.  Watch the video below and don’t miss the money shot for the last 12 seconds.

There you have your video Thursday.  Both songs above are included in my ‘Favourite Albums of 2011′ at this point…and the year is running out of time for anyone to have the chance to push ’em out.

Visit Dolorean on their website.
Visit William Elliott Whitmore on his website.