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Jambalaya mix

Musical Jambalaya playlist: Brown Bird, Owen, Triggertown & Lanterns on the Lake

Sometimes I feel like although I can be considered a niche music blogger, that there is quite a range of music that I consider in that niche (that I have in my head at least).  So today includes 4 tracks that I find to me more or less in my own niche, but in fact they are all quiet different.  Consider this kind of a Banjo folk/Indie pop/Americana/Dreamscape mix for your Saturday – I will let you all figure out which is which…

Just pre-ordered my vinyl & T-Shirt combo for the new album via their Bandcamp – go here and get it too!


This Owen track is EXACTLY how I hear his music.  This is like a greatest hits for Owen turned into a one-track anthem.


Triggertown’s “TT” album is a FREE download via their Bandcamp page (here) and it includes some great tracks – I specifically love the waning violin matched to the pedal steel  in this track.  Soo good.


You’re Almost There by Lanterns on the Lake

Lanterns on the Lake are about to release their new album on Sept. 19th and I have always kind of been partial to the spacey mellowed out beauty in their sound.  The new album is no different and provides it in spades.  MP3 download: “You’re Almost There”


So enjoy your Saturday with a cross section of some music that could quite neatly fit into one corner of the box that is Slowcoustic.