Sunday Listening: Scott Orr’s “Where I Lived, And What I Lived For”

Scott Orr Cover

Scott Orr Cover

Now playing the newest Scott Orr album Where I Lived, And What I Lived For this Sunday.  If you are looking for a great acoustic album that brings some slow burners and even a few not so slow burners (for those mid-tempo-coustic types) this just might be your next album.

I apparently thought I was listening to this album for a few months but in turn I found out I wasn’t listening to it at all until about 3 weeks ago when Scott called me on it.  For shame.  It was quickly remedied by Other Songs Music Co. and I had a copy of the album almost instantly.  Good folks over there.  So I started listening and the album starts out on a high note with what most are calling “THE song” on the album “In the Belly of a Whale”.  The song is getting a fair amount of warranted buzz for the pitch perfect delivery and soothing acoustics that it brings to the listener.  It is weird, the song has no real percussion for the most part but you feel the ebb and flow as it plays…almost like breathing.  A clear winner for the album.

I warn you not to stop and keep this track as “The Song” as there are more that can stand just as tall in this singer songwriter’s bag of acoustic goodness.  Currently songs like “Knots”, “Who Loves You” and “Nobody’s Someone” are just as compelling and warrant the same amount of love as the lead off track.  Take a listen to Nobody’s Someone below and tell me it doesn’t hit the same mark?

Overall the album should be part of your Sunday listening (regardless if your Sunday happens 7 days a week) and you should take the time to find out what Scott Orr lives for.

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