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Saturday listening grab bag – what’s been playing around Slowcoustic HQ?

Sorry couldn’t resist the Patrick Bateman in headphones photo when looking for an “HQ” & “Music/Headphones” image.  If you have read the book American Psycho, you will know that when they get into describing music (regardless of style) you will know what it is like to be a music junkie.  But I digress…

Thought I would simply grab whatever is kinda new and playing around here up for perusal, listening and mocking.  You know, a Saturday playlist!

First off, the band responsible for one of my favourite albums in the last few years has a new song out.  Yes, The Black Atlantic has new material out from Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck over yonder!  While it has a new feel for the band, it is beautiful and brings a new facet of the band in my opinion.  There is a new EP, “Darkling, I Listen” that is practically done, so there is more to come.  Take a listen below to the first track;

The Black Atlantic – The Flooded Road by Beep! Beep!


I have also been listening to the upcoming album from Rob St. John via Song, by Toad Records over in Scotland.  The album is called Weald and is in a word haunting and in another word intoxicating.  There is just something that hits you square in the face and drags you inside.  I get such a strong Ian Curtis (of Joy Division) vibe from St. John’s vocals on songs like “Domino” & “Sargasso Sea” but it eases up on more traditional singer songwriter cuts like “Acid Test”.  Maybe the Ian Curtis comparison is where I get the haunting impression from…so it may be misplaced, you tell me.

Rob St. John – Sargasso Sea by Song, by Toad

Lately I have also been listening non-stop to the Chris Bathgate Kickstarter Reward Downloads.  One of the great things about getting all these songs (I think there was almost 40 of them in total!) was rediscovering the album “Silence is for Suckers”.  This album was always either my favourite or hovering in a close race for top spot the whole time, but listening to the Kickstarter remastered version brought it all back.  If you have it in your back catalog, please listen to “Cinder” in headphones right now.  Let’s help you, shall we:



Just to let you know that I can switch speeds and I am not a one trick pony, if you were looking for a great indie-folk-pop album from Canada (and I know you are) – check out the new album ‘The Hunting Party’ from Corey Isenor (see his bandcamp page here, that also includes his awesome “Frost” album).  There is also a nice infusion of banjo in it, so it has to be good right?  Take a listen to the first track (and one that has some of that nice finger picking banjo) now;


Now go forth and listen this Saturday!