Slowcoustic Top Songs of 2011 by play counts

I did this the other year and it went over pretty well I have to say.

One thing about putting up a list of music that you are saying is your “best”, “favourite” or “Top 12 of the year” is that your actual opinion is involved.  What?!?  Who needs opinion as it is rarely not swayed by what you think is good or what you might think fits your persona or what your readers want you to like.  Well let’s get rid of that elephant in the room and go with our iTunes play counts for tracks released in 2011 with the most plays in my music library.  This is my top 25 with 2 missing tracks that I dis-qualified as they are 2012 releases and still “unreleased” at this point, so there.

Slowcoustic’s 25 23 most played songs of 2011 up till the morning of December 11th, 2011

  1. “Mary’s Gone” – The Deep Dark Woods
  2. “All Things Past Serve To Guide You On Your Way” – Frederick Squire
  3. “Holocene” – Bon Iver
  4. “Lotus Flower” – Radiohead
  5. “Big City Nights” – The Deep Dark Woods
  6. “Goners Most” – Jeffrey Foucault
  7. “Circle Drive” – Conrad Plymouth
  8. “Anti-Pioneer” – Feist
  9. “Passerines” – Jeffrey Foucault
  10. “Everything to Me (Budapest Session) – John Statz
  11. “The Woods” – Small Sur
  12. “Never Prove False” – The Deep Dark Woods
  13. “Barghest” – Tyler Butler
  14. “December 25” – South of Lincoln (now The Great American Desert)
  15. “Wore It Deep” – The Tree Ring
  16. “Man, Part 1” – South of Lincoln (now Great American Desert)
  17. “White Clay” – South of Lincoln
  18. “Poor Eliza (Bridgehouse Session)” – Chris Bathgate (Free D/L via Mostly Midwest)
  19. “Little Raider” – Will Johnson
  20. “Corsicana” – The Antlers
  21. “Caught a Long Wind” – Feist
  22. “True Faith (New Order Cover)” – Lotte Kestner
  23. “Albuquerque (Neil Young Cover)” – Jeffrey Foucault

There you have it, my most listened to tracks!  They pretty accurately measure my listening I believe…you will find that my top album of 2011 does not have any tracks on this list, but that is due to the Josh T. Pearson album tracks being soo long that each play is worth 3-4 regular song plays…yeah, that is the reason.