Lotte Kestner covers Ghosts I’ve Met on new “Extra Covers EP 2”

Payphone Patience by Lotte Kestner

Payphone Patience by Lotte Kestner

Quick hitter today from Slowcoustic Favourite Lotte Kestner in the form of a new cover project that includes a beautiful homage to Ghosts I’ve Met!

Anna-Lynne Williams (Lotte Kestner and 1/2 of Trespassers William) emailed me to give me the heads up while I was away on holidays last week and with my sporadic internet it was almost painful to not be able to listen.  Well, I have now been listening to the cover and it was worth the wait.  If you are familiar with Williams, she can add a stillness and beauty to almost any song…even if that song is already a stunner.  The original track from Sam Watts (Ghosts I’ve Met) is the title track from his own debut EP from a few years back and he and Williams have now connected in Seattle and what could be better than one covering the other?  Enjoy.

Find out more from Lotte Kestners new covers EP HERE.  Find the original by Ghosts I’ve Met HERE.