John Statz album “Old Fashioned” now streaming, to be released on January 24th!

John Statz - Old Fashioned

John Statz - Old Fashioned

A quick update on our upcoming release over on Yer Bird Records from John Statz: its now streaming in full on our bandcamp page!  The album is due for release in two weeks (January 24th) and will have a limited CD release alongside the super futuristic digital versions that all the kids are talking about.  The album is 10 tracks and includes some of the most honest rural Americana you will find (I am biased though…apparently).  If you don’t believe me, just take a listen to tracks like the banjo laden ‘1898’ and the heartfelt laments like ‘Tired of Telephones’ or ‘Baltimore’ and then dig into the beautifully stripped down cover of Frightened Rabbit’s ‘Old Old Fashioned’.  Just a suggestion but you should swing by and give ‘er a spin.


While this isn’t Statz’s first kick at the can at making great Americana albums (proof), we are just proud and excited to be on board with him and his latest album.  Old Fashioned was produced by legendary Bo Ramsey (who also lends some vocals/guitar) with the added bonus of Jeremiah Nelson playing almost everything (and who did the artwork) and the icing on this talented cake would be the lovely Peita Brown!  It is a collaborative effort for sure and the results ends up as quality listening for you laid back country folk types.

Visit John Statz: Website | Old Fashioned on Bandcamp | Yer Bird Records


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