Song of the Day: “Avalanche” by Noah Gundersen

Noah Gundersen - B-Sides

Noah Gundersen - B-Sides

Today’s (free) Song of the Day is from Noah Gundersen’s “B-Sides” one track release over on his Bandcamp page.  The track is Avalanche and is a recommendation for the hurt lover that pines from afar in all of us.  The song kind of makes you think that some of the most intense love affairs can happen between people that have never met.  Oh, and it’s an extremely pretty song as well.

You can find the above track as a free download (with email address) via his bandcamp page here.   If ‘Avalanche’ above does something for you, make sure you look into his most recent album “Family” as well as you will not be disappointed.

Find more on Noah Gundersen: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp