New (to me) Find: Willy Tea Taylor

Not much to say here as I literally just started listening to Mr. Willy Tea Taylor about 5 days ago.  Thanks to the heads up from my good friends The Sumner Brothers on this true country crooner.   The voice, the look and the down home warmth you get from listening (even if they aren’t the sunniest of subject matter) is a breath of fresh air.  Despite often getting lost in gritty country tunes, sometimes you need a bit of good ol’ boy mixed in with your whisky.  Just sayin’.

Take a listen to a couple of tracks from his ‘4 Strings’ album that came out last year below.  “Life is Beautiful” is what you expect and an amazing country ballad of country life & love.  Also, for a bit of context on this album I included the lead off track ‘Bones’ that gives me a strong Tallest Man on Earth vibe…and we all know we like that around here.


Please swing by and take a listen to the album on his Bandcamp page and for more info you can visit his website HERE.