Song of the Day: “I Whispered It” from Andrew Sisk

Andrew Sisk Treelines Cover
Andrew Sisk (Photo by Scott Munn)

Today’s song of the day is from one Andrew Sisk, who was passed on to me from Matt over at Pigeon Row (see them & their full list of clients here) and I am greatfull this brooding singer songwriter’s newest album is now with me.

The album, Treelines, was released on January 31st and is nine thick-with-character songs recorded “…in his apartment in Montreal with his son Elliott sleeping on his lap during vocal takes, and quietly watching him record classical guitar parts“.  The song “I Whispered It” is a stunning example of what what you would think from that last sentence.  It is a layered but still stripped down beauty – vocals just scratchy enough to feel worn in and echoing guitars in the distance causing texture.  The song both floats and digs into you at first listen.  My only ‘complaint’ is that it ends to soon.  So then, stop and listen for at least two minutes and seventeen seconds today.

Find the full album from Andrew Sisk over on his Bandcamp page.