Song of the Day: “Back in the Fall” from Zachary Lucky

Saskatchewan Album Cover

Saskatchewan Album Cover

Today’s song of the day is from Zachary Lucky and his track “Back in the Fall” from his upcoming album Saskatchewan (some say EP, some say LP, some say who the hell cares, just let us hear it already).

The song is simply fantastic.  Whether it is the lazy banjo, the pedal steel or the honest delivery (when his voice just starts to crack when he first sings “Back in the Fall” – it’s killer).  The song is seems like it is not necessarily a story about a past relationship rather than a mantra to himself about life moving on…and its okay.  It just also happens to be painfully gorgeous.

You can pre-order his album ‘Saskatchewan’ from his Bandcamp page HERE and find out if he is visiting your hometown via his tour dates on his website HERE.

Bonus for y’all is a live video I took of this song at a recent house show Zachary did here in Calgary about a month ago, enjoy.