Friday Quickies – Grab ’em and listen


Sorry for the neglect on the blog this week my friends.  I am also cheating and just providing a playlist of tracks I have been listening to…but let’s be honest here – it isn’t the superior journalistic writing that you are here for…you can tell me.  So then, let’s have some links to get some music that I have been enjoying and urge you to as well.

  • Seattle Times and their 4 day feature on Damien Jurado covers to promote his upcoming album (my vinyl shipped yesterday!).  So far there has been Jon Russell, Pickwick, Al James (Dolorean) & Jeremy Enigk (Sunny Day Real Estate).  All are worth a listen, but RIGHT HERE you will find James’ version of Cloudy Shoes.
  • Horse Feathers have a new album upcoming and they have finally dropped their lead off single via Stereogum.
  • Jordan Klassen has a new EP out and there is some great beauties on it.  Currently my favourite is the track ‘Threads’ as it is finger picking indie pop perfection.
  • We have been putting up new live videos of Tyler Butler over on the Yer Bird Records/Winter King website.  This week had Tyler giving his best Jake Gyllenhaal impression while singing ‘Kingfisher’.  See for yourself below:

    Tyler Butler :: Kingfisher
    from Yer Bird Records.

That is all I have for now – look for more suggestions this weekend!