Start the week off right with some Malibu Rum from The Wooden Sky

Never has Malibu Rum sounded so good.

While I have orbited The Wooden Sky numerous times I never really took the plunge until recently when I spent some time with their recent EP ‘City of Light‘ which brought me to the new single from the upcoming album ‘Every Child A Daughter. Every Moon a Sun’.  Other than this post taking a huge tangent to “puns-ville” which I kind of apologize for, but maybe it will encourage you to take the time to listen to this excellent track.  The song starts out with a Hawaiian influenced vibe that gives way (mostly) to a pretty straight forward balladeer track.  Around here, a straight forward balladeer track is nothing to scoff at and can be extra refreshing.

The song feels timeless but still echos of something familiar.  I have decided the crisp production on the song gives you fresh ears in order to not shun the kitsch of hula girls & tiki torches that are only slightly blurred in the distance behind the acoustic guitar and pitch perfect sad sack vocals.  So then…I really like it.  Be on the lookout for the new album on February 28th when it is released by Black Box Recordings.  Did somebody say double vinyl LP??

“Malibu Rum” – The Wooden Sky
from the “Every Child a Daughter. Every Moon a Sun” album

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p.s.  The crew will be here in Calgary on March 31st at the Palamino for you locals.  More dates for you non-locals here.