Slow Down, Molasses release ‘Bodies of Water: Remixes’

Bodies of Water: Remixes - Slow Down Molasses

Bodies of Water: Remixes - Slow Down Molasses

I know I don’t really post on “remixes” but Slow Down, Molasses are a good crew from the mighty province of Saskatchewan and I thought you all should be aware of this just released “Free/Pay What You Want” album.

Admittedly I am not familiar with too many remixes but in true Slowcoustic form, the songs are a bit on the trance/slower side of the ‘dance floor grooves’ and they still have a bit of bite for you folks who enjoy a bit of the body rock.  Did I just type that?  Anyway, with remixes by Economics, Foam Lake and even Message to Bears – there is a little bit for everyone.  I have chosen the track ‘Light’ that was remixed by Sebastian Reynolds to share with you as it enjoys a more down-tempo beat that does scale into a wall of sound before winding back down all while echoing vocals carry you along.

I know what you are thinking – Hey Sandy, what about their album from last year “Walk Into the Sea“, isn’t that more your bag?  Well overall I would have to say yes, but can’t this old folkie enjoy a bit of a break now and again?  Maybe you need one as well…why not use this opportunity to dig into Bodies of Water then?

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