Cover-song of the day: “Seasick, Yet Still Docked (Morrissey Cover)” from Sergius Gregory

Apparently we should be on the look out for a new Sergius Gregory album by the looks of this, so why not have a ‘cover-song of the day’ for it?

Sergius Gregory creates atmosphere in(stead of) music.  It is partially ambient, partially folk based and it drips with the aforementioned atmosphere.  The Morrissey cover gives a more gentle drift than the truly downtrodden Morrissey lyrics provide on paper.   The lyrics in Gregory’s delivery seem more of an account of sadness instead of an internal self loathing that you might expect from this particular track.  Either way it is a beauty and bodes well for the upcoming album “Long Life” – ETA unknown.
seasick, yet still docked (morrissey cover) by sergius gregory

More info can be had on Sergius and his previous album can be found over at Saint-Loup Records or you can always follow him via the Facebook.