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Good Saints / Kill County 7" Split

Best New Country: Good Saints and their EP ‘Driftwood On The Fire’

I love the internet.  Forget penicillin, democracy and individually packaged mini donuts – the internet makes the world better.

Obviously I am thankful for the internet in my recent discovery of the band Good Saints out of Lexington, Kentucky.  The internet lead me to a favourite Nebraskan band Kill County due to a new split 7″ they did with some other band named…yes, you guessed it, Good Saints.  Well I obviously ordered me up some of this vinyl split, cuz you gotta and then I started listening to the Good Saints EP ‘Driftwood on the Fire’ as well.  Low and behold being a fan of Kill County has pretty much put me on the right path to find similar acts like GS to fawn over.

Good Saints can be considered ‘Country’ as much as any acoustic band can be called ‘Folk’ – it is the general vibe you get but it always seems like not enough of a word to describe it.  This is part bluesy banjo, part gothic South, part twang at 3/4 speed tossed around a skillet and served up with perfect presentation.  While I have been listening to the track from the aforementioned split 7″ entitled “Texas Moan” (and it is spectacular), there is another 5 tracks to the EP that carry on the “unique lyric focused 5 piece band”.  Multiple vocalists provide additional layers and facets of the music as well…which is saying something as sometimes having more than one singer in a band can cause a split in fans but not here – it works all around.  The songs all lament of hazy evenings, good times, hard times and drip with the timeless drawl of great southern music.  Best New Country.

So take a listen to a couple tracks below;



So remember that sometime in the very near future (week or so) we will be giving away the split 7″ of Good Saints/Kill County to one of you Slowcoustic readers.  Stay tuned on getting your free copy of the below!

Good Saints / Kill County 7" Split
Good Saints / Kill County 7" Split

Find out more on Good Saints: Bandcamp | Facebook




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3 responses to “Best New Country: Good Saints and their EP ‘Driftwood On The Fire’”

  1. Quinn Avatar

    THANK YOU internet, (and smansmith).

    These guys are so soo good.

  2. Kam Avatar


  3. Jacob Newsome Avatar
    Jacob Newsome

    The band would like to say thank you to everyone who digs our music and a big thank you to whoever wrote this, you are a wordsmith sir. JN