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Music from my Twitter Stream Vol. I – featuring Field Report, Matt Bauer, Meursault & Fisticuffs!

I thought I might cheat this Thursday and post some material that I found due to my almost addicting fascination with the Twitters.  So essentially – have me be your very own music aggregation vessel!  So what did I find and who did I find it from?  Lets find out.

  • From Ryan’s Smashing Life (follow @theRSL) had a post on some new Field Report (nee Conrad Plymouth) with some excellent reworked music from Christopher Porterfield.  Check the track “Fergus Fall” below:
    [soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/39069901″ iframe=”true” /]
  • From Hearth Music (follow @hearth_music) I discovered a new demo from Mr. Matt Bauer entitled ‘What The White Book Said’ that was just recorded last month.  Sounds pretty sweet for a demo!  Listen: ‘What The White Book Said (demo)’ from Matt Bauer.  Stream or grab the higher bitrate copy from Bauer’s Soundcloud page HERE.
  • From Song, by Toad (follow @SongbyToad) I found out about their new free sampler download (18 tracks folks!) – including a sentimental favourite for me in the band Meursault who I tend to really enjoy.  Listen below and swing on by for the rest at the bandcamp page for the label.


There you have it – a “Twitter Playlist” for your Thursday.  So follow all 4 of these fine folks if you are not already and then you won’t need me…but you still need me…right?