Saturday “after a few pints” playlist

Saturday Pint

Saturday Pint

Saturday usually finds yours truly doing the below;

  1. Surfing the internet
  2. Purchasing a record
  3. Drinking 4-6 pints at local pub with the wifey.
  4. Sitting at home after pints, listening to music.

So we now find ourselves at #4 above and wifey is not here and I am starting to listen to music at will after more than a few pints.  I find I often find myself listening to even more “Sad Bastard” type songs after a few beers – I don’t know why, but it often just tends to be me listening to a more than a few track with my inebriated self.

So then let’s find a few tracks to listen to that might be your “Slowcoustic after a few beers” Saturday playlist.

  • New Music Co. provided the Fort Frances cover of one of favourite Beck tracks “Guess, I’m Doing Fine”.  See their post HERE and listen: “Guess I’m Doing Fine (Beck Cover)” – Fort Frances.  Find out more on Fort Frances on their website.
  • Listening to a new track from John Goraj’s new album.  The song is called Horse and Home from the album “Seen and Unseen” which is quite good (more details on this album in full to come).  Stream the song below and it is a free download on his Bandcamp page!
  • Another album that hasn’t received the full treatment around these parts is the Adam Arcuragi album “Like a Fire That Consumes All Before It…”.  It can be a bit rough around the edges, but that is the beauty of this album.  A great couple of beers listen – you might find yourself singing to it very quickly.  Listen to a track below:
  • There is a cover of Josh T. Pearson by Dry The River that I have been enjoying.  As long as Grooveshark doesn’t implode, you can stream it below:
  • Last but not least is a great Townes Van Zandt cover from A.P. Dugas for “Rake”.  It is a YouTube “video”, but damn it is worth a listen.

Okay, I am going to go and try to sober up before dinner now…