New Album Alert: Stray Ashes from JBM

JBM - Stray Ashes - May 2012

JBM - Stray Ashes - May 2012

Been looking forward to Jesse Marchant’s (JBM) new album ‘Stray Ashes’ since I heard about it.  As he only makes great albums – if he has a new one, by default I am looking forward to it.  So I have been meaning to mention it here on the blog and once Music Savage (see their post here) posted on the latest track ‘Winter Ghosts’, I am now VERY MUCH looking forward to it.

The first single was actually ‘Only Now’ that premiered over on Paste Magazine’s website (here) and it is a great piano laden song with Marchant building up the almost upbeat track till just past half way when it reaches its peak before returning to an almost ambient collection of pure JBM.  The ebb and flow of that track really works for it.  Now below we are posting the second single ‘Winter Ghosts’ which comes in at whole other speed than ‘Only Now’ and it is a doozy.  This is where JBM shines – the song is whisper quiet at times and also builds (but in a much much less subdued way – you might even need headphones to really get that impression).  The slight echo in the vocal track, the ghostly backing sounds and lightly picked electric guitar meld into the song perfectly.   A beautiful must-hear song that proves the new album, Stray Ashes, will be a must-have.

“Winter Ghosts” – JBM
from the album ‘Stray Ashes’ – due May 22nd on Western Vinyl

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