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Kill County

Kill County provides a listen into the new album with WCBN Radio performance

Kill County
Kill County – February 2012 (courtesy of their Facebook page)

If you are a reader of this blog you know that one of the things I really, really, really enjoy is a heartfelt “country” song that has a bit of twang and southern heartland influence.  It also helps if it is acoustic and (more or less) akin to a sad bastard song.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised (re: totally stoked) when the good folks at Hear Nebraska led me to a recent performance from one of Kill County’s driving forces, Ringo over in Michigan at WCBN 88.3.  See Hear Nebraska’s post here with a bit more info on the band’s current situation and for the full SoundCloud stream of all 5 tracks.

As HN alludes and Ringo himself indicated to me, the follow up to 2010’s fantastic “The Year of Getting By” is well on its way for this year and will be another vinyl release!  If these songs are a sign of the new album, count yours truly in for a spot at the front of that line when it comes out.  Listen to a few tracks courtesy of Hear Nebraska’s SoundCloud account below.

Seek out more on Kill County: Bandcamp | Facebook