TGIF: The Looking forward to albums edition

TGIF: The Looking forward to albums edition

I have been looking forward to a few albums for this year and I still have a few more coming up that I just can’t get out of my head.  Let’s take a look at a couple.

Field Report

Field Report (Christopher Porterfield, formerly of the band Conrad Plymouth) has a new album coming in July and I am very excited for it.  If you look for songs thick with emotion and sharp lyrics, than this is your guy.  I think “Fergus Falls” really clinched it for me from a while back that I would be watching this guy forever on what he is recording and releasing.  He has a few tracks streaming from Partisan Records (although a recent Pitchfork article indicated the album is “self released”) that you can sample below.  The latest song to emerge from what looks like a 9 track album is ‘Taking Alcatraz’ and it is my current favourite track easily.


Visit Field Report on the new website or like on Facebook.


Next we have the new musical endeavor of Brian Borcherdt called Dusted (this is the place where I say “of the band Holy Fuck”).  The album is also staying true to the new name as it is called ‘Total Dust’ and will see a release on July 10th (maybe it will share a release day with Field Report!).  The new album has some teaser videos and a lead off track of hazey indie pop that is currently auditioning for my spring/summer “jam”.  It is a little more upbeat and layered than his previous solo work on the blow-your-mind-album ‘Coyotes’ from 2010 and I have faith it will be a worthy release at a minimum!  You can currently pre-order it over on Hand Drawn Dracula in Canada (here) & Polyvinyl in places that are not Canada (here).  Listen to the lead off track ‘(Into the) Atmosphere’ below!

Bonus Video Teaser for the new album below.

Dusted – Teaser 1 from Hand Drawn Dracula on Vimeo.

Visit Dusted on the new Website and like on Facebook.