Listen to your Father. Fear Fun by Father John Misty released today.

Father John Misty - Fear Fun

Father John Misty - Fear Fun

Father John Misty releases his “debut” album Fear Fun today and it is your recommended buy ( via Sub Pop in North American and Bella Union in the UK – I think that is the breakdown).

I don’t really have anything to say about the album in a review sense, but I thought I would give you my Coles notes on it so you don’t think this is as lame a blog post as it might actually be.

This album has:

  • Infectious hooks on various songs.
  • Out of place songs that make you wonder why they are included.
  • A sense of a man branching out from what “everyone thought he was as a musician”.
  • Nancy From Now On.
  • No matter how you look at it, a vibe of Neil Young.
  • A straight laced, uptight man trying to break out of a bohemian shaman.
  • Some good music and some alright music.  But mostly pretty good.

There you have it – ‘Fear Fun’ in a nutshell.  I have included probably my favourite track on the album below.  Sure, when the first track, Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings, came out (accompanied from the much ballyhooed video) it was eye opening and we all thought to ourselves, “God damn, this is new and will it get better?”.  Well, Nancy seems to think it does.

(if you click over to the Bella Union Soundcloud page – the song is downloadable for free)

So just go pick up a copy and stop listening to the leak from 2 months ago.

Find Father John Misty: Tumblr | Sub Pop | iTunes (bonus demo of the above track is on iTunes) | Bella Union

You can also try the new merch shop for Joshua Tillman over at LuckyHorse Industries HERE.  Purchased from them before, great folks.