Before & After Vol. II: Hezekiah Jones “Borrowed Heart”

Shaking Through - Hezekiah Jones

Shaking Through - Hezekiah Jones

Volume Two!

I happen to also run Yer Bird Records and with that I hear my fair share of demos.  Well one of our artists is the Philadelphia based band Hezekiah Jones.  This group of musicians fronted by Raphael Cutrufello are crazy talented and run the gambit from heart crushing folk ballads to down home Southern porch jams.  Their penchant for use of instrumentation is one of their signature sounds and it really comes out in this ‘Before & After’ track Borrowed Heart.

I think in the musical genre of “folk” this is a great example on how a song can grow leaps and bounds.  In all fairness, going from an acoustic solo demo to a fully produced track by the good people at Weathervane Music for their Shaking Through Session (see here) is not normal, but sure works good for this series!

So a lot of us have heard the final version of the track so I thought I would go backwards on this one.  Let’s first listen to the beautiful production on the final version of the song “Borrowed Heart” after the Brian McTear (production) & Jonathan Low (Engineer) had their way with the bones of the song.

Stunning right?  Now, the original demo probably hasn’t been heard by too many people outside of the Jones’ crew and the Philadelphia crowd, so this is a real treat for a lot of us (myself included).  Listen to the original demo of “Borrowed Heart” as played by Raphael Cutrufello.

“Borrowed Heart (Orig. Demo)” – Hezekiah Jones

There you have it, start to finish.  How was that for a transformation?  Regardless of really liking more acoustic stuff, I can truly appreciate the hard work and production value adorned upon this track from the WXPN/Weathervane Music session.  You?

Find out more on Hezekiah Jones:  Facebook | Twitter | Label
Find out more on the Weathervane Music/Shaking Through sessions: Website | Bandcamp


p.s.  A great look at creation of the final song can be seen on the video from Shaking Through here.