Before & After Vol. III – Fort Frances “Hard Earned Heart”

Fort Frances - The Atlas

Fort Frances - The Atlas

Today is the third official “Before & After” post and today we have the band Fort Frances with their track “Hard Earned Heart”.  Fort Frances was most recently on the blog with their great covers project called “…As Told By” (see here) and once again provide some great music for us.

The song “Hard Earned Heart” comes from the latest FF album “The Atlas” from about a year ago with the demo being at least a couple years back.  Fort Frances founder David McMillin indicated to me that this song was a long time in coming and almost had a hard time fitting into their finished album.  Much experimenting and acclimating to a larger sound that Fort Frances has from the original demo might have been the hurdle to overcome.  In working with Sam Kassirer who produced the final album – they created a beauty from the bones of an already great demo.  The final version seems like it always should have, I guess the hard work behind the scenes does actually pay off for the listener after all!  Listen for yourself below.

And now the demo version:

“Hard Earned Heart (Demo)” – Fort Frances/David McMillin

As you can see the bigger sound of a full band/produced final version really accents this particular song from its more folk tinged beginnings.   Kudos on this one!

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