Before & After Vol. IV – Sci-Fi Romance “My Love, Look Up”

Sci-Fi Romance - The Ghost of John Henry

Sci-Fi Romance - Los Angeles alt-folk band

Los Angeles band Sci-Fi Romance enters the “Before & After” fray with a song from the just released album ‘The Ghost of John Henry’ and the track ‘My Love, Look Up’.

Vance Kotrla from the band reached out and provided links to the final album version and his garage demo of the track and it is another great example of a song coming into its own.  Does this mean that yours truly is pulling away from a more stark, acoustic vibe?  No, not quite but just being able to see a song go from that stage to something just a bit more polished while still keeping the original song’s stark acoustic aura while still adding some production value.

‘My Love, Look Up’ is clearly in the sad bastard variety of songs (which is a good thing) and it speaks to the possible last ‘journey’ we take in life – that is if my interpretation of the lyrics is correct.  While it might not be quite as dramatic as that, the song can represent almost any journey one goes through and even with the sombre feeling of the song, you still get a optimistic view of it overall.  Maybe something that could teach us all a few things in life’s journey.  Oh, and it is a great song too.

Listen to the demo of ‘My Love, Look Up’:
[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Now, listen to the final album version released May 8th:

There you have it!  Volume Four of the series of demo to album songs – hoped you liked it!

Find out a bit more on Sci-Fi Romance: Website | Bandcamp | Facebook