Sunday Re-Post: Song of the Day: “Benito’s Dust” by Dolorean

[info]Sunday Re-Post.  Originally posted August 2011.[/info]


After listening to my brand new Dolorean vinyl for his newest album “The Unfazed”, I was kinda worked up and wanted more. Well, I started going over the fact that I had to post again on the nom de plume that is the Al James fronted band out of Portland.

Admittedly a bit late to the party on Dolorean as I have only been listening for a couple of years, but there are some crazy good slow burners (including the one in this post) from James & Co. that just stop me in my tracks. The new album that is currently creeping up my best of 2011 list is laid back country at its best. From songs like duet beauty of ‘Country Clutter’ (with Bosque Brown I believe) to the stunning ‘Fools Gold Ring’ and up to 70’s rock influenced ‘Black Hills Gold’ – it is a must own album.

But enough of the new album, the song of the day is from a split 7″ Dolorean did with Holy Sons a few years back and there is a bit of a story of first jobs, misread words, Springsteen albums that lead to this song. Read the story from the Dolorean site here. Such a great track – this is minimal & stark singer songwriter at its best. This song is a piano lament of love lost – tragic in its crushing beauty to say the least. A must hear.

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