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They said it best. A blogger round up

Image from http://www.bloggingpro.com/archives/2012/02/06/practice-being-a-blogger-daily/
above image lifted fromPractice Being a Blogger Daily

You gotta give credit to other bloggers when they do good things.  Even being a blogger myself, I rely on other music aficionados to keep me up to date and listening to the quality of music I have become accustomed to.  That being said, some of the best as of late.



Top of my kudos goes out to GoldFlakePaint (is that all one word?) and their double shot of the Scottish band and Slowcousitc favs Meursault.  GFP provided both a insightful review and an interview with Neil Pennycook of the band.  What was a nice touch is the inclusion of one of the new tracks Flittin’ of the soon to be released album Something For The Weakened.  And in fact we get the piano version and regular version on the post, one on each feature on the band.  Take a read through the Review and the Interview over on GoldFlakePaint now!


noisey music by vice

Next we have a full album stream of the upcoming album from the band Dusted (Brian Borcherdt of Holy Fuck).  This was a nice surprise to get to listen to the album I so diligently pre-ordered a few weeks back!  I know I shouldn’t listen and wait for the vinyl copy to arrive but I just couldn’t wait.  Some really great tracks on it like the previously streamed Property Lines and Pale Light, but I found myself drawn to the eerie and haunting songs like Low Humming, Bruised and All Comes Down.  Stream it all over on Vice/Noisey HERE.


ShowME Shows

Next we have a pair of videos from Show ME SHOWS out of St. Louis and the band Young Readers.  I personally love the one take video series that seem to be popping up in all major centres as it gives people like me an outlet to hear stuff I would never have heard regardless.  Also being of the more acoustic variety, I tend to enjoy one takes as they are true representations of the music that is actually being played.  The band Young Readers is Jordan Herrera out of Oklahoma and he can definitely be a poster child for “Slowcoustic” – just dig into the video below and judge for yourself.

Find the original Show Me Shows posts with Blame and also an additional video for Boxcar with your clicks.  The Young Readers EP, Family Trees is also a free download via his Bandcamp Page!


Herohill Logo

This one wasn’t an actual post, but Ack over at Herohill tweeted me a video that represents the Venn Diagram of where me and him overlap.  It is a great David Bazan cover of Julie Doiron’s song Will You Still Love Me in December.  I would say Ack is just about right…


They certainly did say it best…right?