Sunday is for staying under the covers. Covers Playlist extravaganza!

I am not saying one of the above is the original and one is the cover in regards to the songs below – it was just too good of a photo to not post…

Haven’t done a covers playlist in a while so then, why not?  Some of these are old, some are fairly new and some are from who knows when.  I just searched for covers in my iTunes library and decided on a few that stuck out for me as favourites, interesting or just plain great.  Some of these are poor quality, some are pretty good – don’t judge me.  Listen on.

Sunday Cover Playlist

“Momma You’ve Been On My Mind (Bob Dylan Cover)” – Matthew Ryan (live on XM 50 The Loft)

“La Cienega Just Smiled (Ryan Adams Cover)” – Rose Cousins & Sean Staples

“Goodbye (Steve Earle Cover)” – Ryan Tanner

“Wolves (Phosphorescent cover – Folkadelphia Session)” – Strand of Oaks

“Woody (Hayden Cover)” – Winter Makes Sailors

“Thinking About You (Radiohead Cover)” – Hezekiah Jones

“I Wish I Was The Moon (Neko Case)” – Fulton Lights (Hinah Session 2008)

“Viva Ultra (Will Oldham Cover)” – Christian Kiefer

“True Faith (New Order Cover)” – Puzzle Muteson