Reuben and the Dark tease at upcoming album with new song and video sessions

Reuben and the Dark

Calgary’s own Reuben Bullock as taken to a full band act and re-branded as Reuben and the Dark.  With this new band, the former introspective singer songwriter has taken to a fuller sound (that much might be obvious, but it had to be said).  There is a new album in the works, a cross Canada tour and an 7″ release that was recently recorded while Bullock was in London (take a listen to the Bandcamp stream to get an idea!).

It is all very exciting and I am looking forward to the new material!  So without further adieu, there are a couple of videos from a recent cabin session that Reuben and the boys did in Northern Alberta for A Memory’s Lament and Love is Not a Pretty Word.

love is not a pretty word from reuben bullock on Vimeo.


Reuben and the Dark. a memory’s lament from reuben bullock on Vimeo.


Find out more or just keep an eye out for more on this emerging Calgary band by watching Reuben’s website and Bandcamp page.