Dustin Gamble provides the backdrop to your lo-fi folk dreams

Beach House Fever Two-Step Volume II

Dustin Gamble picnic

I have posted a couple of times on Dustin Gamble prior as his easy vocals, classic strumming folk style and catchy but humble songs always caught my ear.  They are sparse for the average listener but for at least some of you that frequent this website, you can agree that sometimes it is the creak of a guitar, the sound of fingers across strings, hushed vocals and the silence before the next lyric that can make or break a song.  I also don’t want to have you think of “lo-fi” as unfinished or lower quality (as most of the lay person would normally assume) – this is great stuff and it stands tall on its own…even if Gamble doesn’t even consider it the generic term I have labelled it with.

Either way, Gamble posted in the comments on a previous post to let me know that he has released a bunch of previous material on his Bandcamp page and there is wealth of stuff – even material that is less folky and more rock-y.  Yeah, I said it.  Essentially his self titled album from 2008 is a slam dunk (see here) and he has a new duo of EPs entitled Beach House Fever Two-Step Volume I (more Garage Rock) and Volume II (more folky) – with Volume II highly recommended for the tracks Storefront Inn and If I Was Your Boi alone.

You might want to check out the Ghosts are Grey free download that was once a cassette single and the release The Kodiak that Gamble describes as a “silly breakup album”.  So, a track for the road from his self titled album, listen to Stay before you head over to peruse the whole newly released set of material on his Bandcamp page.

Visit Dustin Gamble on Bandcamp and throw the old chap a few bucks.