Right Away, Great Captain! release B-Side/demos album “The Lost Sea”

The Lost Sea Cover
Andy Hull of Right Away, Great Captain!
Andy Hull of Right Away, Great Captain!

Right Away, Great Captain! has unveiled one of the bonus items that came with their new album pre-order.  This being the B-Side album entitled The Lost Sea.  It is 15 tracks of original demos and one-offs that range from quick less than 2 minute song to an almost 8 minute closing track.  It can be pretty raw at times, but if you are a fan of the Manchester Orchestra front man’s solo material, you will not be disappointed.  The only issue for those on the fence is there is only one track streaming on his Bandcamp page (see below) which mirrors his pattern for the new album The Church of the Good Thief.

There are even a few tracks that I had previously but tagged with different titles…so it is good for the RAGC! fans to clean up various tracks/demos collected over the years (at least in my opinion).  Some songs are definitely more ready for prime time than others (Are You The Light? vs. Right Away, Great Captain! demo) but this is definitely a must-have for even the casual fan of Hull’s song crafting.  One might make the argument that the material is worthy of an official album if only some of the tracks were cleaned up a bit.

So can we take this as the official end of RAGC!?  The project from Hull centered around the nautical trilogy of albums and now with the final installment released and now the B-Sides..could this be the last material from the Captain?  Let’s hope not and just take a listen to the first track from The Lost Sea release, Are You The Light?.

You can find all of the Right Away, Great Captain! releases over on their Bandcamp page HERE.