New Album Alert: Dark Shores from Strand of Oaks

Strand of Oaks - Dark Shores

Strand of Oaks have a new album out next week!  This one came out of the blue for me completely.  I mean, I knew it was coming soon but I didn’t realize how soon!  July 24th (next Tuesday) sees the release of Dark Shores via the Strand of Oaks Bandcamp Page (and I assume most major e-tailers).

The new album is a bit of a departure from his previous work on the Pope Killdragon album – but it might be safe to say that that particular album is unique and stands alone in its quality and subject matter.  Some might find Dark Shores more approachable sonically and it includes some killer tracks like the lead off sneak peak Maureen’s.

Despite what some might ‘feel’ are more upbeat tracks, they might have darker underpinnings – like the currently streaming Trap Door.

Those looking for the more brooding Tim Showalter have nothing to fear with songs like Dark Shores and the more folk(ish) Little Wishes and Sleeping Pills.  You might even get a full on folk-rock vibe in the song Satellite Moon (which caught me off guard at first).  The album needed a few spins for me for it to open up, but it might have been crappy computer speakers where I first heard it.  Now the album feels like a new chapter in Strand of Oaks and I am enjoying the read.  Great new album, highly recommended pre-order.

Also with your pre-order  you get the Alma EP and the Trap Door track with your purchase (no waiting) and that alone is worth dropping some coin.  Classics like Two Kids and End In Flames on the EP?  No brainer.  So visit the Strand of Oaks Bandcamp Page HERE for your pre-order.  Also find a slew of tour dates on his website (Calgary on September 13th!).


*Album notes:  The album artwork was done by our friend Morgan King and the track Little Wishes was first released in early form on our Yer Bird Records compilation Folk Music For What Lies Ahead!