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Slowcoustic Listening Recommendations: Strand of Oaks, Jeff Zentner, Field Report & Al James

Got some recommendations for your listening on this release Tuesday.  Some new, some live and then some various that just needed inclusion.

First off, new album from Tim Showalter as his recording persona Strand of Oaks; Dark Shores!  After receiving the Slowcoustic favourite album of 2010 with his previous full length Pope Killdragon, you know this was a very much anticipated album.  While the two albums feel like different beasts, they still have fantastic musical journeys.  Dark Shores includes a bit more range than I have heard from Showalter in the past and it shows that huge things are in the future for this guy.  Considering his album routinely make my best albums of the year, how much better can he get…only he knows.  Feature tracks on Dark Shores include the title track along with Last Grains, Hard To Be Young, Maureen’s, Little Wishes…hell, just the whole thing.  The album is out today, so head to his Bandcamp Page (HERE) to pick it up.


A Season Lost

Next we have another new release from Nashville musician Jeff Zentner.  The album is A Season Lost and it is an album that immediately creates images, atmosphere and textures of the gothic South.   Zentner had assistance from numerous great musicians on this new album and it is thick with brooding, layered Americana.  Not that this album is themed per se but you might have to be “in the mood” for it to truly appreciate what you are about to submerge yourself into.  Strings zig zag hauntingly, Zentners vocals pull you along and it truly gives you something to grab onto…if it doesn’t grab on to you first.   Songs like the opening The Motion of The Earth and closing Birds Fly South are great bookends to this album and feature as two of my favourite.  Listen below and purchase via his Bandcamp (HERE).


Another album I am looking forward to is the debut of Field Report.  I was excited to see that NYCTaper had a new session with the band up just today!  You can listen to a few tracks and download Mp3 and FLAC versions of the set over on their site HERE.  Listen to a free track in Taking Alcatraz (which has a live version in the set linked).  Keep an eye out on Partisan Records for more info.

“Taking Alcatraz” – Field Report


Al James of Dolorean decided to entice some additional followers on Twitter the other day and promised to put up a cover track if he got some love.  Well, he got that love and he followed up with the Lefty Frizzell (or you may know it from Willie Nelson) track If You’ve Got The Money for a free download.  Love it.  Find more from Dolorean HERE.

“If You Got The Money” – Al James


There you have some Tuesday recommendations!  Feel free to give your own in the comments.