Unreleased Song of the Day: Steve from Meursault

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Meursault Box Set – image from Song, by Toad Records

So as a reader of Slowcoustic you know I am fond of the Edinburgh band Meursault.  Hell, I am bit more than fond.  So when I heard Song, by Toad Records were doing a ‘Box Set’ for the new album Something For The Weakened – I was in like the proverbial Flynn.  I mean, take a look at the above and tell me you didn’t want in on all that swag?

So, the lovely Matthew & Co. at SbTR took my hard earned Canadian Dollars and sent me the box set (which is now sold out – so sault in the wound for some of you…sorry).  The shirt is now in high rotation, the tote bag hasn’t made it out yet (I live in the suburbs people, “Ha Fucking Ha” is a little downtown, no?) and the bonus disc of demos are fantastic.  Well, I have been granted the okay to let you folks stream one of my favourite tracks from the unreleased disc and I have chosen the track Steve.  It is a hushed song, fully acoustic and is a headphone gem if I ever heard one.  Neil Pennycook sings of getting unwanted news – almost like asking someone to pull a punch and hide the pain of the message somewhere between the “romanticism” and “exaggeration” of song.  Sad bastard stuff here folks.  Hence, I love it.

Listen below:

So as indicated above, you had to be quick on this one as the box set is now sold out unfortunately – but you can always swing by and pick up other Meursault based product as you see fit.  Just make sure you are still able to order while helplessly clearing the streaming tears off your monitor!  Ha, Fucking Ha!