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In Case You Missed It, I Missed It, et al. A Playlist.

Other than this acronym being kinda lame and just a way to continually get people to visit your blog on twitter for the same post – it is kinda accurate here.  I missed a cover-song all together, missed an album release date, missed a song of the day post I was going to do this past Tuesday and was Johnny on the spot with another but missed posting it yesterday.  So, in case you I missed it then…

~The Missed It All Together Cover-Song~

“John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (Sufjan Stevens Cover)” – Bryan John Appleby

Missed this cover completely – I mean it sounded familiar that he did it, I think, but then found it yesterday on the Fuel/Friends blog when looking at her Autumn Mix.  So that is where this one is from.  You can find a great video of it over on the original post here.

~The Missed An Album Release Date~

Bad Books released II on October 9th – and if you are a fan of Manchester Orchestra, Right Away, Great Captain! and Kevin Devine – this is clearly your band.  I was going to post on the album then, but missed it (obviously), so here is a track that I have been enjoying – it is clearly one of the slower, more Andy Hull/RAGC! style tracks.  Visit them/purchase here.

~The Missed Song of the Day Post from Tuesday~

Other Songs Music re-released/co-released the JP Haynie album The Sand this past Tuesday and I meant to put a song up but….missed it.  The album is hauntingly eerie.  Like if you enjoy Mount Eerie ( Phil Elverum) eerie.  I can’t help but feel the same vibe from Haynie and a Mount Eerie album…so then it is a worthy listen.  It might just be the vocals, but it isn’t, it is the aura overall – so listen to Family River above for a sampling.  Oh, and Elverum did the cover art, so there is that connection then…  Visit Other Songs Music for more info.

~The Johnny on the Spot But Missed Posting It Yesterday~

Frontier Ruckus retweeted yesterday about signing to Loose Music in the UK and that they have a new single (again, in the UK, but then again this is 2012 and are we not just one big world?).  The song is from the 2013 album Eternity of Dimming and the song is called Eyelashes.  It is actually a bit of a slow burner for Frontier Ruckus…meaning there is less ‘Ruckus’ but it is stunning no less.  Visit Frontier Ruckus on their website while you wait till next year for an album.

There is your ICYMI playlist folks!




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