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Slowcoustic Weekly Roundup: Posted/Not Posted Edition

Random photo from ’round my hood

So it has been a bit sparse over here on Slowcoustic lately, but I am always listening and skulking around the nether regions of the www, so I needed to update ya on stuff I have been following/listening to for this past week.

  1. So enough people (mostly music submissions) have called me “Slow Acoustic” enough that I am now tumbling under SlowAcoustic.  So it is more of the same – repeat material, new material, old material and stuff that I am doing at the moment.  I find it a bit easier than the official blog to post quickly so it might get updated a tad more.  So find yourself with yet another website to go to!
  2. Been listening to a lot of Aidan Knight’s new album Small Reveal lately.  It was just released this week.  I missed his show in Calgary a few days ago.  Listen to a song.
  3. Also been listening to the new album Brushbloom from The Tree Ring.  With the pre-order of the vinyl I received an early download of the 8 track album and it is a beauty!  They are also streaming a new track from the album as of this week and the whole thing is released next Tuesday, Oct. 30th.
  4. Andy Shauf from Saskatoon has a new album coming out on November 6th entitled The Bearer of Bad News and it is fantastic.  Great storytelling – a little dark and even a little close to home.  Listen to a track (again).
  5. The Maldives have a new album very soon and they also have a brand new video from it.  The song is Blood on the Highway and is a great example of the more folk rock side of my musical taste.

    The Maldives “Blood On The Highway”
    from sandy wilson on Vimeo.
  6. I have also been lucky enough to be provided an advance copy of the upcoming Small Sur album Labor.  It is going on my best of 2012 list as soon as it is released.  I still can’t get over the latest track the band has streaming from it…sooo good.
  7. Ever since I saw this video posted over on You Crazy Dreamers I have been listening to it non-stop.  Watch Ghost in the Town from Joshua James below:

I am sure I will have more next week, but for now this is mostly what I have been doing this week.  Any suggestions for me?




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