Fire Mountain visit St. Louis to perform two videos via Show Me Shows

Fire Mountain

Fire Mountain, the boys from Alabama, recently took a trip down (or up, what do I know, I am Canadian) to St. Louis and had a couple of take away style videos from the folks at Show Me Shows done up.  FM are picking up some steam and really getting into listening rotation at Slowcoustic HQ with their straight forward honest folk-rock sound.  Clearly I lean to the folk, but the songs spread their wings across a bit more than the standard folky vibe.  They sure do kick the hell out of a ballad track though…

First off we have a black and white affair with the one of those great ballad type tracks in the song Doing Fine.  They actually filmed it in the sound guy’s basement – you know, just a bunch of dudes from Alabama playing music in your basement…as they tend to do…  It all turned out great.

Next we have almost a ‘two-fer’ with the next video – the song is officially Black Heart, but as the band is leading into the full track you get a bit of the traditional track Will The Circle Be Unbroken in an unseen jam session.  The actual track comes in around 1:40 in, so just be aware!

The outdoor location for the below video is kind of a story in itself in St. Louis.  The video was shot just outside the ‘Flying Saucer Building’ that is a bit of a landmark location in STL that was about to be torn down.  Well, as you can see it clearly has stood the war against destruction with the aid of….Starbucks!  The original Phillips 66 gas station cum Flying Saucer now serves you a decent Americano while sitting on the National Register of Historic Places…kind of a cool place, no?  Why don’t we have some music alongside it then?

Black Heart is a grower right?  It might even be a signature song for them and they know it, well done guys.

Fire Mountain have some music via their Bandcamp page you can stream and/or purchase including the two above which come as free downloads.  Please consider checking out Fire Mountain as I definitely see some great things in the future from them.  Also ‘like’ them on Facebook here.

You can also check out Show Me Shows that we have featured prior here on Slowcoustic – you can find Jarred and the crew over at their Facebook Page.  Thanks to Jarred Gastreich from Show Me Shows and Ryan Albritton from R&R Music Labs for making the motion and sound respectively for the above vids!