End of Year Lists, Guest Posts, Vacations and Josh T. Pearson

End of Year Lists, Guest Posts, Vacations and Josh T. Pearson

Josh T Pearson – Drive Her Out (Mute Session) from Mute on Vimeo.

The above is last years #1 artist/album for Slowcoustic, Mr. Joshua Theodore Pearson III (not his real name) with the lovely & not so passive aggressive ‘Drive Her Out‘ from his incredible opus Last Of The Country Gentlemen.  Aaaaaanyway…

Best of lists will be happening soon with December right around the corner!   No blogger can resist this phenomena unless they have already ascended from mere mortal blogger to true music snob (many have tried and many have been douches about it).  I find myself somewhere in the middle (I am Canadian after all) and call my foray into telling you what you need to like a “Favourite of 2012” as it very carefully and safely puts me teetering on the fence in the world of music blogging.  I am not saying “Best of 2012” but merely “Favourite” while still asserting the former while publicly stating the latter.  I am not hiding my thoughts on my favourite albums this year so far (see my current list on this page) and it will be updated with a few more once I get around to it.

Side note: stroooong year for Canadian albums, imho.

So I will be on my annual sun and surf vacation that 94% of all land locked Canadians do each winter and will be about 4000kms more South than now in early – mid December.  Here is where I call out to the many musicians that we have covered in the past years here at Slowcoustic:

If your music has been on this website (and you are actually reading this)…… you should do a guest post!

Tell us what you think about who made the best music this year, who is/was overlooked, why you make music and what you get out of it.  Essentially, I am looking for you artists to donate a piece of writing for a post here on Slowcoustic and you can even sprinkle in self promotion and shit, I am cool with that.  So email me at “admin[at]slowcoustic[dot]com” if you are interested and I can let you know a bit more about it and see if it will work out.  We do have a deadline though, so make it quick!!

There you have it, a call to arms, a great video and another year end coming together.  Thanks all!

~Sandy (Smansmith) @ Slowcoustic