Top 3 Song Obsessions this week: Fionn Regan, Elephant Micah and Frontier Ruckus

Fionn Regan - Anchor Black Tattoo


I have had a few songs that have been on crazy repeat over here this week and I have to share.  They are all frickin great tracks and are from an unreleased album (in my country at least), a collection of early tracks from an already released album and one from an album to be released in 2013.  So, let’s do this.


Probably my most listened to album in the last couple of weeks and in turn most likely for the last 6 weeks of the year is Fionn Regan’s new album, The Bunkhouse Vol. I: Anchor Black Tattoo.  Completely acoustic and finger picking goodness from across the pond.  The album hasn’t quite made in to my Canadian shores officially, but I have a video stream for a crushingly beautiful track Salt & Cloves.  Watch it below.

Find out more on Fionn Regan over at his Website.


Elephant Micah who finds himself a Slowcoustic staple released a bunch of older outtakes and live tracks that are outstanding.  They are going to help fund his next album with the sales and this is a good thing.  I picked up a couple and am in love with his Hindu Windmills (First Sessions) release.  It has his more delicate, airy folk feel than some of his more ambient works – highly recommended.  We might see a feature from Joe O’Connell here on the blog for our Musician Guest Posts starting next week, so keep an eye out for it.  For now listen to a track from the album, Distant Things.

Visit Elephant Micah via his Website or click the Bandcamp widget above to visit and purchase the new(ish) releases!


Lastly we have what is called the first ‘official’ single from the upcoming Frontier Ruckus album due January 29th, 2013 over on Quite Scientific Records (good folks).  In true Frontier Ruckus style, the track is called Careening Catalog Immemorial and it is great – you have the choice of album and the “90s Carpool Version” over on Bandcamp!  I will go album for now, but don’t miss out on picking up both to get your fix until next year’s double album release!

You can find out a bit more and take a sampling of each of the 20 album tracks on their label page at Quite Scientific HERE.

That is all I got for ya this Friday, enjoy!

~Sandy (Smansmith)