Cam Penner helps me Christmas-up-this-blog with video for “Balsam Fir”

Touted as Cam Penner’s “one and only Christmas song”, Balsam Fir is a real life story of one of Cam’s true to life festive seasons.  Being one of Calgary’s best Americana-AltCountry-Folk musicians, I am more than happy to have Penner provide essentially the first and possibly only Chrsitmas themed post here on Slowcoustic. Recorded by Cam and his long time collaborator Jon Wood, the song is sparse and probably rings true to a lot of us around this time.  Plus it is a great listen as well.

I especially like the intro…I was getting all mad and ready to yell at YouTube for the stuttering of the streaming video until I realized it was on purpose…oh, those shifty musicians and my lack of attention span.  Regardless, you can find more on Cam Penner on his Website and I believe there is a new album to be released in (early) 2013.

Merry Festive Time and all that.

~Sandy (Smansmith)

p.s.  you can also download the original version of the song via his Facebook Band page for free.  “Like” him here.