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Country Sleep Cover

Night Beds opens pre-order, streams “Ramona”. Slowcoustic starts a Best of 2013 overview…

Winston Yellen of Night Beds - photo by Jarrod Renaud
Winston Yellen of Night Beds – photo by Jarrod Renaud

Well it happened yesterday.  The pre-order for one of my most anticipated albums of this very early 2013.  The Night Beds’ album Country Sleep was all of a sudden…available.

I wasn’t ready and I didn’t know it was happening yesterday.  My eyes caught the twitter feed or the Facebook status update…I can’t be totally sure, it was all a blur yesterday morning…I heard voices in the background…lights danced at the periphery of my vision.  It then all came into focus and my right hand (with firm grip on the mouse) darted to the link – the page opened almost instantly and there it was, almost innocently staring up at me in the glow of the screen.  I clicked on the deluxe package (I was delirious, not stupid) and started filling in my information for purchase.  My sweaty brow belied my precise keyboard strokes.

It was done.  The pre-order secured with the message “a receipt will be emailed to your indicated email address”.  Then I waited.  And I waited.  I paced around my second bedroom that acts as my computer area.  I started organizing CDs on a far shelf in order to keep myself from slipping down the rabbit hole.  I was a robot almost, methodically moving from area to area in that 13′ x 14′ guest room.  Okay, none of that happened the email arrived like 15 seconds later with the FULL EARLY ALBUM DOWNLOAD link attached. I have been in a musical daze until now.

Your turn.

Oh, the track ‘Ramona’ is now streaming via YouTube as well.  The official release will be February 5th on Dead Oceans and you can find more on that here.

~Sandy (Smansmith)



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