Song of the Day: “Ever Greener” from Elephant Micah

ELEPHANT MICAH - Globe Rush Progressions

Elephant Micah has just announced that there is a new LP on the way called Gold Rush Progressions due on March 12th via BlueSanct Recording. The label have just started the pre-order for the 8 track vinyl (see here for options) and we have my favourite track from the album streaming (& free download) below.

The release is referred to as a “forgotten Elephant Micah album” as it includes rare compilation tracks and unreleased songs from the vault of Joe O’Connell. If you are familiar with O’Connell’s Elephant Micah recording persona you will know that he flexes between a more traditional singer songwriter (like the above track Ever Greener) to the more avant-experimental sound creator (as in the song Schroeder in Borneo that you can hear via Soundcloud).  You will get both on this album and it is a must for the die hard Elephant Micah fan.

You can find a couple more previous EM recordings via BlueSanct (here) as well as stream some albums via Elephant Micah’s Bandcamp Page (make sure to check out the WNYC Spinning on Air Live tracks).

~Sandy (Smansmith)