Andy Oliveri – A Heart That Sings Can Never Bleed

Andy Oliveri - A Heart That Sings Can Never Bleed

Not really a Valentine’s themed post, but then again with a genre that tends to be almost exclusively about relationships it could be Valentines or the anti-Valentines day around here every day. No theme here, this is just a post as I love both the songs on this fairly recent 7″ single from Andy Oliveri.

I came to know of Andy only a few short weeks ago and I have been impressed from what I have heard since my very first listen. The two track vinyl is out on istartedthefire Records in the UK and features pretty straight forward (for the lay person) folky singer-songwriter tracks. I actually like the “b-side” track She Bets On Wild Horses a touch more with its echo-y reverb, harmonica and hauntingly beautiful atmosphere. That is not to say that the title track A Heart That Sings Can Never Bleed is lesser (I especially like the perfect flecks of banjo midway through it), as it helps to provide a perfect one-two punch showing range in this young musician.

How good is that? I am looking forward to more from Andy and I might not have to look further than our upcoming J. Tillman Cover Project (possibly next week) as Andy is performing a track for it. You will not be disappointed, so stick around.

Bonus: watch the understated beauty for the video of A Heart That Sings Can Never Bleed:

Find out more on Andy Oliveri: Facebook | Bandcamp | istartedthefire | Website

~Sandy (Smansmith)