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Couch by Couchwest 2013 – Slowcoustic Favourites

CXCW 2013

As the 2013 installment of SXSW is ending, alas, so is CXCW. Sad times abound folks.

Even though both are ending, there are ever so slight differences in the two festivals I find that came out over the last week. This March at CXCW, I didn’t stand in line for anything, pay too much money for somewhat adequate beer, feel mostly under-hip and wasn’t in a rush to do anything. I did as little as possible all while not having “Big Nacho” watching over me and using my presence to placate its stockholders and bottom line. I was free to listen and casually nod my head to music whenever the hell I wanted and had the opportunity to eat Mexican food without irony. I did this for the entire length of the 2013 Couch by Couchwest festival and it seems like a success to me. I am sure you agree. Let me also be clear, this is not an anti-SXSW situation, it is an alternate version of the current SXSW festival and glimmers of early SXSW (or so I am lead to believe from the purists). So take it how ya like –  I/we would have it no other way.

Overall this year I didn’t find myself endlessly pining over the numerous posts (cuz that is the point, right?) but I did find some great music from some worthy folks regardless. In fact it was quite easy to dig through the pages of couchbycouchwest.com and find enough great music…like embarrassingly easy. Below are (most) of my favourite videos submitted to CXCW 2013 and in no particular order for all you list maniacs.

For those keeping score, the below videos are (in order):

~ Josie Little – “Rain (Patty Griffin cover)”
~ Austin Lucas – “Alone in Memphis”
~ Juniper Tar – “Frying Pan (Victoria Williams cover)”
~ Valentiger – “Have You Heard Her Cry?”
~ John Gleason of Roadside Graves – “Surfing’s For Jerks”
~ Joe Whyte – “Baltimore”
~ John Phelan of Truckstop Darlin’ – “Remember Me”
~ Perry Brown of Fire Mountain – “Anchor Iron”
~ Jeremy Squires – “The Nest”


[info]Visit www.couchbycouchwest.com for more great videos![/info]

~Sandy (Smansmith)



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